Urgent Market Message: Other market information
UMM TypeOther market information
Message Id20230706-A0001038B.BG-001_002
Event StatusInactive
Publication Date UTC2023-08-09 10:35:35
Event Start UTC2023-08-08 05:00
Event Stop UTC2023-08-09 12:00
RemarksUPDATE: 100% unavailability of the affected assets for the period 2023-08-08, 8:00 EET-2023-08-09, 15:00 EET, due to planned repair works on pipeline section LV Gorni Bogrov–CF Novi Iskar. 0 kWh/d - Available capacity of the affected exit points during the event: AGRS Chepintsi C051P01 - 58ZC051P01IZOL-8 AGRS Novi Iskar C054P01 - 58ZC054P01NISK-K AGRS Novi Iskar C054P02 - 58ZC054P02NISK-D AGRS Novi Iskar C054P03 - 58ZC054P03NISK-6 GRS Sofia-2 C053P01 - 58ZC053P01SOF2-2 GRS Sofia-2 C053P02 - 58ZC053P02SOF2-W GRS Sofia-2 C053P03 - 58ZC053P03SOF2-P GRS Sofia-3 C055P01 - 58ZC055P01SOF3-G GRS Sofia-3 C055P03 - 58ZC055P02SOF3-9 GRS Sofia-3 C055P03 - 58ZC055P03SOF3-2 GRS Sofia-3 C055P04 - 58ZC055P04SOF3-W GRS Sofia-4 C056P01 - 58ZC056P01SOF4-3 GRS Sofia-4 C056P02 - 58ZC056P02SOF4-X GRS Pernik C057P01 - 58ZC057P01PERN-U GRS Pernik C057P02 - 58ZC057P02PERN-N GRS Pernik C057P03 - 58ZC057P03PERN-G GRS Pernik C057P04 - 58ZC057P04PERN-9 GRS Pernik C057P05 - 58ZC057P05PERN-2
Market Participant NameBULGARTRANSGAZ EAD
Market Participant CodeA0001038B.BG (ACER)