Urgent Market Message: Other market information
UMM TypeOther market information
Message Id20231031-A0001038B.BG-001_001
Event StatusActive
Publication Date UTC2023-10-31 11:35:21
Event Start UTC2023-11-02 06:00
Event Stop UTC2023-11-02 18:00
RemarksUnplanned event: Due to repair works at AGRS Pazardzhik, on 2.11.2023, from 8:00 EET - 20:00 EET, the natural gas supply will be stopped (available capacity equal to zero) at the exit points: 0 kWh/d - AGRS Pazardzhik C092P01, 58ZC092P01PAZR-C 0 kWh/d - AGRS Pazardzhik C092P02, 58ZC092P02PAZR-5 0 kWh/d - AGRS Pazardzhik C092P03, 58ZC092P03PAZR-Z
Market Participant NameBULGARTRANSGAZ EAD
Market Participant CodeA0001038B.BG (ACER)