Urgent Market Message: Gas facilities unavailability
UMM TypeGas facilities unavailability
Message Id20231116-A0016408Z.BG-001_001
Event StatusActive
Unavailability TypePlanned
Event TypeOther unavailability
Publication Date UTC2023-11-16 12:08:17
Event Start UTC2023-11-16 07:00
Event Stop UTC2023-11-17 07:00
Unit of MeasurementkWh/d
Unavailable Capacity4540000
Available Capacity11420000
Technical Capacity15960000
Unavailability ReasonConsumption of natural gas according to the production program
Balancing ZoneBalancing Zone Bulgaria (21Y000000000026E)
Affected Asset Or UnitGRS Dimitrovgrad C072P01
Affected Asset Or Unit EIC58ZC072P01DIMI-Y
Market Participant NameNEOCHIM
Market Participant CodeA0016408Z.BG (ACER)