In compliance with Regulation (EU)  №1227/2011 and Implementing Regulation (EU)  №1348/2014, Balkan Gas Hub EAD offers the following services for reporting of the offers and deals, executed or registered via BGH’s system:

  • Reporting Service – BGH sends to ACER data about the deals of the respective market participant with wholesale energy products, realised on BGH’s organised market, including matched and unmatched orders. The reporting is done via a Third-Party Registered Reporting Mechanism – RRM. The service includes reporting data to ACER and client access to the reported files and report receipts issued by ACER.

    The service is available upon conclusion of a Reporting Agreement between the Market Participant and BGH.

  • Service for Access and provision of REMIT data for self-reporting – for clients using another reporting organisation, BGH offers access to ready-to-be-reported XML files, which contain data about the deals of the relevant market participant on BGH’s organised market, prepared in accordance with ACER’s requirements. The data is provided via web-based client profiles in BGH’s information system.

    The service is available upon conclusion of an Agreement for the Provision of Reportable Data between the Market Participant and BGH.

In the case when a BGH client does not wish to use the services for receiving of reportable data and/or reporting services, the client shall sign and provide to BGH a Declaration for refusal of services.

  • Price list for the offered REMIT reporting services


BGH operates a platform for Publication of Inside Information (BGH IIP)

BGH IIP is approved and registered in ACER List of Inside Information Platforms. This certifies that BGH IIP adheres to the REMIT and ACER requirements and guarantees to the market participants effective disclosure of inside information in full accordance with the regulation provisions.

BGH IIP enables market participants to disclose inside information in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 (REMIT) and ACER Guidance for REMIT Implementation. The access to the published information is free of charge.

The publication services are available to all interested market participants – both BGH members and non-members. More details on BGH IIP services are available on BGH IIP portal.

  • BGH members can publish inside information on BGH IIP at no extra charge

  • Price list for use of BGH IIP and publication of inside information by non-BGH members